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Identifying and Developing Healthy Relationships 
Edition: English 
Year: 1996 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.29 1996 
Identity and development in a multicultural setting 
Edition: English 
Year: 1996 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.32 1996 
Immigration justice: building bridges of hope 
Edition: English 
Year: 2001 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.25 2001 
In search of a pastoral strategy for the formation of whole Christian through pedagogy  
Edition: Korean 
Year: 2005 
Call No: NYTS.KDMIN.0-5 2005 
In search of identity 
Edition: English 
Year: 1990 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.34 1990 
In sharing life is life: an account of the first efforts of a rural English congregation to share gospel events within a residential caravan site 
Edition: English 
Year: 1983 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.8 1983 
In the face of domination : a people's theology in action 
Edition: English 
Year: 1982 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.12 1982 
Indians for Christ: Tamil Christian Congregation 
Edition: English 
Year: 2002 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.3 2002 
Interspirituality: a guide to beliefs and practices 
Edition: English 
Year: 2016 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.PDF 2016 
Intra-church conflict in the experience of the Filipino-Christian immigrants 
Edition: English 
Year: 1998 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.4 1998